About Us

In Egy Bloggers we offer integral computer services to small and medium enterprises to help them improve the management of their processes and turn them into more efficient, agile and competitive companies. Thanks to our management systems, all areas of the organization and databases are managed from a single application thus reducing errors, duplication of data and unnecessary manual tasks.

We started our activity in 1987 located in San Sebastian. We have more than 30 years of experience as suppliers of business management systems and our software has been implemented in more than 200 customers throughout Spain, which to this day continue to use.

Our IT solutions range from advising on hardware requirements to the implementation and development of ERP systems for the integral management of the company, accounting management, personnel and HR management, etc. We have developed our own ERP system, which enables total adaptation to each client and its modules allow the implementation of the necessary utilities at all times in an easy way.

Given the rise of the Internet and web applications, AG Informática also offers online solutions to access all applications from the Internet without having to install the program on your computer. Whatever suits your business best, AG Informática can help you.

Why Egy Bloggers

-Quality of service:

-We guarantee the best IT service to our customers. We offer solutions developed and maintained exclusively by AG Informática, without any dependence on third parties, which allows agility in implementation and customization. We also offer telephone support and continuous remote access to resolve incidents.


-The application management areas are modular, allowing you to add or remove modules as needed. This also offers the advantage of adjusting the investment to the modules required.


-Starting from standard solutions, we adapt the applications to suit the particular needs of the company. As adjustments are made, the programs are fully operational and useful from their installation.

-Specialization in Automotive and White Line

-For 25 years we have mainly served industrial sectors such as the Automotive and White Line, at the forefront of the use of new technologies and customer-supplier communication systems.


These are some of the customers who have implemented Egy Bloggers software. If you want to know more about the projects carried out, go to Success Cases to find out how we have collaborated to improve the functioning of companies.


Our mission is to offer the customer the best service and variety, quality and value of our products and in our projects, meeting the technological needs of a broad portfolio of customers, with the commitment to contribute to creating value in the development of their business.

We intend to become reference technology partners to help our customers meet their business objectives, modernizing their activity with the highest levels of quality and safety, meeting their needs and the regulatory and legal requirements applicable in each case.

To this end, we combine a heterogeneous offer of services in the ICT field with a range of products in which the functional knowledge of the areas in which we provide experience and differential value to our clients and, therefore, to society as a whole, is materialised.