Effective internet marketing tools

The last decade has seen a downward trend in the role of classical advertising, consumers no longer trust strange TV spots and are skeptical of print ads.

Nowadays, more and more transactions are made online by users, buying the desired products and ordering services online. In order for businesses to make the most of this trend, they need to know what effective tools are available for online marketing.

What is internet marketing?

It is a strategically structured process by which goods and services are promoted online. The main goal is to make the visitor a buyer, i.e. increase profits.

At first glance, it seems that the classic marketing is no different from the electronic one, because their goal is the same. Although, the tools of web marketing have several advantages:

  • Flexibility – advertising allows you to communicate with the audience “one-to-one”, maintain communication, conduct analysis, control changes
  • Accuracy – the ability to show ads only to interested groups, from which you can get feedback at the start
  • Web analytics – tracking the most effective actions that have led to the largest number of users on an online resource

Tools of modern internet marketing

Let’s look at what are the main tools of Internet marketing, and consider the features and benefits:

Landing page is your main sales channel. Of course, landings can not be called a tool, but this is exactly where customers get acquainted with the STPs and make a targeted action.

  • It is a one-page site that contains a call to action: make a purchase, order a service or register for a master class. You can also use full sites, however, in comparison with them, the landing pages are highly efficient, low cost and fast development speed. In addition, the use of seo will quickly bear fruit.
  • SMM – social networks Facebook, Instagram – is not only entertainment but also full-fledged highly effective channels to attract customers. Do not go to all the difficult, creating accounts everywhere, determine in which social media “lives” audience, where the interaction will be appropriate and effective. Promotion in social networks is not just a sale, but the creation of a community around the brand. People should love your brand and dream of becoming its ambassadors. It is worth paying attention to Facebook Messenger, where popular brands successfully use the practice of introducing chatbots into the business in order to make a profit.
  • SEO-optimization is relevant only in case of the first item. Due to the optimization, the site is promoted to the first positions of the search engine output Yandex and Google. This process begins with the selection of a semantic core, that is, a list of keywords. Keys – users’ queries in search engines to find the necessary information. Longer, technical specialists perform a number of works to make the website bring more traffic.
  • Contextual advertising – is shown to users depending on their search queries and preferences, where payment is made for clicking on the ad. Such advertising is shown to specific target groups, the budget is spent as much as possible expedient.
  • E-mail mailing – almost free marketing tools. Marketers are divided into two camps: some say that mass mailing is the most ineffective way to advertise, while others use this method with enviable regularity. And, strange as it may seem, it works. Mailing should be useful for readers and do not contain spam, so that the percentage of unsubscriptions did not increase after the first sending, and letters did not fall into the folder “Spam” and did not reach the addressee. You can send emails through special services, some paid, but if you have a small base of contacts, you can use for free. The most popular ones are Unisender, Sendpulse, Mailchimp and Getresponse.
  • Content marketing is a key element, as it is the basis for all marketing tools. Neither the email newsletter, nor the social ad, nor the landing page will work without a good selling content.
  • Web analytics – the process of analyzing basic metrics. You will be able to give an assessment of site traffic, sales. Calculate the profit and the level of costs incurred. Site analytics will improve business processes, because you will have a complete “dossier” on the user.

E-marketing tools change quite often. Yesterday, nobody knew about messengers and chat bots, but today the practice of using them is not an innovation process.

What trends are popular in 2019

If we talk about trends, it is worth saying that in 2019 the most popular ones are:

  • Content marketing. Such marketing tools are used in B2B as an absolute masterpiece for all niches. It is not enough just to write texts – they should be as intriguing as possible and be of value to the reader. By the way, the video format is gaining momentum, including Instagram Stories.
  • Mobile-optimization is not a trend, but a necessity. Everyone has a smartphone, and Internet access is also available. If a person gets to an inappropriate site, he or she will not only buy anything, because it is inconvenient, but will spend no more than 5 seconds on the resource.
  • People love stories and videos – everyone wants the most interesting and entertaining content. Storitelling and video format – evoke emotions, increasing confidence in the brand.